CARACAS / documentary / 54 min / 2013
DIRECTOR Maximilian Feldmann
EDITOR Anne Goldenbaum
SOUND Maximilian Feldmann
MIX Dominik Leube
FILM MUSIC Marcel Walter
PRODUCER Jana Beyer, Maximilian Feldmann
PRODUCTION Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

“The distance between Germany and Caracas is about 8,000 kilometres as the crow flies. At first glance, this seems enough to forget everything that might sicken the human soul in our part of the world. Even if he doesn’t remember exactly why, Maximilian Feldmann was there, as proven by the few pertinent shots in his film. As for the rest, he decided to find his interlocutors in his home country of Germany and confront them only with the cause of his journey. To this end, he places them in slightly “crazy” frames. “We didn’t think it was an illness for a long time”, a lady says directly into the camera. Another man talks about authenticity as the theme of life. The film only gradually reveals the true identity of these people, to whom you feel surprisingly close, through the way they deal with a disorder. Taking a very personal problem as the point of departure, a formally stringent, in fact authentic portrait of a family emerges and, beyond that, a haunting image of our society. That was definitely worth the journey.”

Claudia Lehmann (DokLeipzig)


2013 DOK Leipzig – German Competition Documentary Film

2014 blicke Filmfestival des Ruhrgebiets